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Best Sporting Facilities

by Rod A. Young

I view PA as a great city to raise a young family.

Prince Albert has a community which supports a diversified background in sports. Our sporting facilities are some of the best in around. When you are not playing sports, you can enjoy the great outdoors. It’s easy to spend too much time in the sun.

Go Riders Go.

It’s Home!

by Florence Young Soderberg

Prince Albert has been home for 37 years now. I’ve lived in four different areas of the city and in each one I have found new friends that make me want to stick around a little longer.

My kids have grown up here and come back to visit when they can and show their kids the good things of PA. Little Red, water slides, malls, and museums. Concerts and movies or dancing in the living room, family times are special times whether with my own or someone else’s.

Prince Albert is families. Church family, sports family, work family or fun family. Family is home.